1 Volunteering Roles at AVSED

 Volunteering Roles at AVSED


Social Centres

We run three social centres a week: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons.

Chair Based Exercise

We have 2 exercise classes a week: Monday and Friday mornings 

Ad-Hoc Help

Cannot commit to a weekly session? – NO PROBLEM!! We need people to help out whenever you have spare time. This could be fundraising on a weekend, helping out for an hour or so through the week, being free to help on one of our trips and many more opportunities – just get in touch!!

Cuppa & Company

Runs on a Wednesday morning providing our members with a place to meet and socialise

Friendly Visits

One to One visits with a member outside of the headquarters. This can involve going for walks, cups of tea or simply just company for an hour or so.

Shared Tables

Be a host for our shared tables – arrange and organise a meal out and liaise with members and the venue.

Event Ambassador

Help to spread the work of AVSED far and wide by joining a team of volunteers to set up and run stalls at local fairs and events. These stalls would cover both information and fun and games to raise well needed funds.

Minibus Driver

Join our team of minibus drivers, and help bring our members to sessions – you will need the D1 entitlement on your driving licence (automatically included if you passed your driving test before 31st December 1996).

Minibus Escort

Our escorts ride on the minibuses and collect our members from the door, and get them safely on the minibus, and help take them home again at the end of the sessions.