AVSED has a Management Board which meets on 10 occasions per year. The Committee of Directors / Trustees are all volunteers and are responsible for the strategic and business side of the charity. Some of them have been providing their services since the charity first began in 1992 and continue to play very active roles in providing our services to our members in our social centres, exercise classes, coffee mornings, trips out and for all our activities.

Our current Directors / Trustees are:

  • Chair - Ken Elliott
  • Vice chair - Eddie Lamb
  • Treasurer - Neil Moffoot
    • Bunty Burgon-Byrne
    • Roger Halliwell
    • Wendy Hanson
    • Roy Blanshard
    • Christine Pearce
    • Sheila Bower
    • Sylvia Myers

Councillor Ryk Downes and Graham Latty also attend Trustee Meetings in an advisory capacity